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To truly customize your study requires an understanding of more factors than a form will allow. When you call, expect to discuss topics like the following, as they relate to your order:

  • a brief history of the church
  • a description of your membership
  • a description of your "spiritual core" — the members you would want a new believer to spend time around
  • any vision God has already given you for your church
  • the types of people you personally relate to best
  • specific ministries your church is doing
  • indications of where God is working now, in or through your church
  • types of people your church typically reaches
  • types of people you want to reach
  • Church Planters will want to relate their "planter profile"

With this information we will determine a the best Study Area for your church and will create a Customized Demographic Analysis 

We can be reached toll-free at 800.662.8701 ext.8820
locally at (504) 816-8820 - Office hours are Monday-Friday, 8-noon & 1-5pm CST.

Or you can email us at