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Demographic Reports

Your entire demographic study (charts, maps, highlights & implications) is formatted and organized into various documents.  All information can then be downloaded for a secure site.  

Included on the Demographic Study are:

   •  A PowerPoint Presentation with Charts and Graphs to share with your church leaders
   •  Excel documents with Demographic Data of the custom Study Area around your Church
   •  Color density maps which allow you see where, as well as who and how many
   •  Psychographic descriptions of the household lifestyles in your area

If you also order the Internal Church Growth Analysis, that study can be included in the same download, using color graphs and charts to emphasize and reveal internal trends.

Geo-Coded Data Layers

Your church membership file (or almost any address database) can be geo-coded so that home addresses can be placed in a layer over any demographic map. Comparing home locations against age group concentrations, lifestyle groups, or other data can be very helpful in ministry planning.

Or, instead of geo-coding your entire church roll, take just your new members from the past year or so, to see where your church is reaching now. Churches transitioning to cell groups will find geo-coding an especially useful tool.

Raw Data Reports

We offer to on-campus students Raw Data Report printouts. These reports have the same data as our larger demographic profiles, but without the interpretation, clarification, and presentation graphics.  The reports can be generated at any Demographic level (State, County, Census Track, Block Group, or MicroGrid)  

We also provide the raw data reports to churches, this reports are usually generated and send out by the end of that day.   


The prices we charge do not come close to covering our actual costs. These low prices are made possible by the gifts of Southern Baptists to the Cooperative Program. For that reason, the prices listed below are half of what we must charge non-Southern Baptist churches.

$50.00 Raw Data Reports        

$100.00 for each Demographic Profile

$100.00 for each layer of geo-coded map data

$75.00 for each Internal Church Growth Analysis report

       *$150.00 for each layer of geo-coded map data for non-Southern Baptist churches


Student Discount

A discount is available for students currently enrolled at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary or any of its extension campuses.